Sunday, September 22, 2019

with a little help from [my parents]

living 1,700 miles away from where i grew up, i don't get to see my parents nearly as much as i would like.  thankfully, they recently came up to visit.

this visit found us keeping the tourist attractions to a minimum and instead activities were focused more on house projects.  not only did they help weed the yard and trim the hedges, we found the time to put together the crib.  this was actually my favorite project of the week.  i enjoy knowing that the crib my child will eventually sleep in was put together by my parents.

it was a quick trip and we didn't do anything too terribly exciting, but in a way, just having them around the house to help with small projects made me feel like they lived in the same town, instead of guests visiting.

i just wish they were here to help with all the other items i have to put together! 

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