Friday, June 24, 2005

the running of the, grunion?

grunion on the shore

last night i went to watch the running of the grunion with some friends. honestly i did not believe this was for real. i assumed that this was in the same category as "snipe" hunting. but as i'm always up for anything that will provide me with comic material, i went. now we were "told" that the grunion come up to shore one hour after high tide. so we waited on the beach, to my surprise there were other "grunion watchers" waiting on the shores. an interesting group to say the least, i'd say a couple of small steps ahead of "trekies" only because these people get outside a little. but as i was out there with them, i really don't have room to talk. anyway we waited and waited, but finally the grunion came, and believe you me it is beyond bizarre. the females ride a wave onto shore, do there business with the males, the males head back to sea, the females bury the eggs, and then catch the next wave, for a more technical explanation here is a link: overall the night was great, it was like being in a discovery channel episode in person. now i just have to get this fish smell off my hands. to see more pictures just click on one.

lone grunion

caught one!


sloring said...

Let me tell you, there is nothing hotter than kinky grunion sex...WOW!!!!

the syndicate said...

that one looks like my first girlfriend. ha

Unknown said...

what is the movie where the couple is on the beach and she asks him "do you want to go watch the grunion run?"

ercwttmn said...


the answer to your question is,

"don't tell mom the babysitter is dead". i had that on my mind the entire night, ha ha