Saturday, June 18, 2005

house for an artist.........not bob ross

front of house

this week i built a study model for a new project in the office. the project is a residence for an artist that lives in near the firm. the general concept of the house is two separate buildings connected by an enclosed breeze-way that creates the primary circulation. the overall program was very simple. three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen/living/dining/, with lots of room for outdoor spaces. the one interesting addition to the program was the studio space. since he is a painter the studio created is on the second level with a tilted roof with high windows to let in indirect northern light. now that the study model is built, we can now tear it, rip it, glue it, and
cut it, all in the name of design.

side of house

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sloring said...

I <3 bob ross
I <3 eric wittman