Sunday, June 26, 2005

gotta get "back in time"

gamble house

on saturday the 25th, i finally made a trip up to l.a. to see some architecture. one of the "must sees" is the gamble house in pasadena, by the architects green and green. this house is regarded as one of the finest examples of the craftsmen style. although the craftsman style does not top the list on my favorite architectural styles, you can not deny the quality and craft put into the construction of this house. i was also surprised to find out how modern it was for it's time. it was built with indoor plumbing and electric lighting. not bad for 1908. it also stood in stark contrast to the other large houses in the area, which were all done in the victorian style. as much as an architectural icon that this is, i do have to admit that it was only about 5% of the reason i went. the other 95% was for the fact that it is doctor emmett l. brown house in "back to the future". the tour guide was fairly knowledgeable, except he didn't know which bathroom the doc was in when he slipped and hit his head on the sink, and came up for the idea of the flux capacitor. overall the tour was great, even if we couldn't take pictures of the inside.

entry of the house

gamble window

custom address light


Anonymous said...


I am reading your blog.
I checked out your flicker photos.
I love the window picture.
It is beautiful.
I miss you.

Unknown said...

i love the title of this post, reminding me of course of back to the future, but more importantly it reminds me of kevin neland on the elevator with micheal j. fox in the snl skit.