Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5 [down] see 10 [across]

today was a crossword kind of day for me. a little cool and a lot damp, with no motivation to work, just to sit down with some coffee and a crossword.

now a crossword kind of day actually starts the night before, like it did last night. i left studio late last night and walked home. just as i was reaching my driveway, i felt a drop. by the time i had brushed my teeth and settled in for the night, is was drizzling with hints of lighting showing through my windows. as i lay there, i could here the increasing rain against the roof, until it was a full out downpour. I was measuring how far off the lighting was with my macgyver-esc five second rule. i can't remember exactly how long i sat there and listened, but i know that the sound of rain storm outside, while nestled in your warm bed, is one of the best ways to fall asleep.

waking the next morning i knew it was a crossword day. it was cool, wet and grey, with the smell that only rain can create still in the air. although there were a few hints of sunshine today, it stayed mostly grey. now, i couldn't just do my crossword all day. a few hours between 1 and 5 i made it appear that i was working on studio with my cad drawings up, but now i can finish up my crossword, and enjoy the rest of the day.

now if i only knew what a four letter word for a "fellini based musical" is?


Anonymous said...

shouldn't you be in studio?

PostScorch! said...

MacGyver was awesome.

Crosswords are cool too.

chris said...

Have you tried the Cryptoquip?