Tuesday, May 09, 2006


we delivered our project to the town of of blaine today. although there were a few adjustments to be made on site, the two pieces came together nicely. with blaine being the kind of town it is, people stopped by to watch us put them up. i'm not sure if the town will use this shade structure as much as we'd like to think they will, but it's there none the less, just in case someone, someday, wants to enjoy some shade that wasn't there before. more then the function of the structure, i hope it stands as a reminder to everyone in blaine, that just because the town doesn't even receive a dot on the kansas map, and the glory days can only be found in history books, great things can still happen. architecture isn't just for the "big city" or clients with money. to some blaine may be considered a ghost town, but within it's unincorporated city limits, is a sense of community, which can sometimes be hard to find in even the largest of cities.

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Anonymous said...

brilliantly spoken...and even more brilliantly photographed