Thursday, May 25, 2006

back to the [big easy]

well, tomorrow afternoon a friend named 'fish' and i are heading back to new orleans. a semester of design work is about to become a reality. the drawings are finished, the connections have been welded, and a budget planned out. now to see if it all works. the goal for the next few weeks are to build the foundation and sub-floor of the new museum, while getting new plumbing and electrical systems back in the existing house.

even though my first trip to new orleans was after the hurricane, i still felt there was something about the town that was unlike any other city i'd been in. the city was rich with culture and traditions. all originating from a variety of sources, mixed together and then given a local flavor. that's something you just don't experience much growing up in suburbia.

i hope that someday, new orleans will regain it's "big easy" status. a city that reminds us that life can be simpler, and easy going.

for now, enjoy the picture above, which seems to capture the essence of the"big easy".

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Anonymous said...

bring your museum hiking boots!