Monday, July 10, 2006

a permanent address [temporarily]

well, i finally got moved in, but not un-packed. a slight problem arose. the friday of the weekend i was going to move, i was enjoying lunch when my leasing agent, deb, called and asked "just how important is it that you move in this month?" after thoughts of paying 30 dollars at the pump every week danced through my head, i said, " well...........very important." she then informed me of the issue at hand. it seems that the individual in the apartment that i signed a lease for, has refused to move. i'm not sure exactly how this happens, but i guess it does, and it it's a major issue. anyway, his belongings are still in the apartment, hence, i can't move my belongings in. however, being the nice lady that deb is, she offered to put me in a much larger apartment for one month. i agreed.

upon moving in, it was noticeably nicer then the apartment i could afford, making me believe this is some sort of "realtor" trick. they let you live in a much nicer, larger place for one month, just long enough to fall in love with it, and then they remind you of the cubicle you actually signed for.the views in this apartment are amazing and amount of space is overwhelming. much more then my table, chairs, and air mattress can fill. as i try not to get use to my own temporary apartment, i am loving the building itself. the people are friendly and i'm already loving the benefits of living so close to work. so for now, i'll enjoy this pleasant predicament and hope the guy on the second floor refuses to vacate next month as well.


sloring said...

moving up in the world, eh?

ercwttmn said... least for one month.

Anonymous said...

rock on man

Anonymous said...

how IS the view, really.

jstove said...

cute place!