Tuesday, July 18, 2006

you got any [three's]?

this weekend i made a spontaneous trip to kansas city. this decision was made after hearing that it would be fish's [aaron's] last weekend in town before heading west to fulfill his own manifest destiny. i threw a few nice things to wear into a bag, packed my toothbrush and toothpaste and headed northeast.

the weekend was spent like any other weekend with adam and aaron. my kansas city friends introduced me to some of the local cuisine such as [waldo pizza] and [gates bbq]. gates wasn't exactly what i imagined. i would have never guessed that i would have had my order taken by being yelled at in the parking lot, "hi, how may i help you?" i also learned that the sampler platter, as tasty as it sounds, may have not been the best thing to order, due to the fact that it could have fed a family of four.
during the course of the extremely hot weekend, we were able to check out the nelson-atkins museum, and the kemper museum. as much as we wanted to stroll the grounds around the new steven holl addition, the 108 degree temperature limited us to looking into one window before finding the car and the relief of it's air conditioning.most of my friends are now scattered from england to california. no longer can we round everyone up after studio and head to bellies, but that's just life. we're all grown up. we've left our little nest of seaton, and one by one we're taking that leap off the limb to see how we fly in the real world. as far as we may travel though i do feel there is a bond between all of us. maybe it's the countless hours we've spent in studio, maybe it's because we didn't have time to make any other friends but either way it's there, and only time will tell how strong it is. i hope to never lose touch with this great group of people i call my friends.........even with all this "growing up", i still always seem to forget my toothpaste where ever i stay, as i found out late sunday night.


FastTrakStatus said...

two days and no comments? looks like your so called 'friends' from college are already forgetting about you, eric.

in all seriousness, you made some very poignant observations. i'm not ashamed to admit that sam and i had a similar conversation the other day {on aim, of course} and we were remembering our days 'back in college.'

did the kc nightlife pop off while you were there?

Anonymous said...

it's not that eric's friends are forgetting about him....they are just too busy calling him on the phone to catch up, since simply leaving a comment isn't enough of a response to this awesome blog.