Wednesday, March 18, 2009

beware the [ides] of march

i had been planning this blog post for a while. i knew that i would be riding in the st. patricks day parade, and thought for sure it would be entertaining enough to re-tell here! seems perfectly normal right? what i didn't account for was the fact, the parade was on the 14th! what comes after the 14th you might ask? none other then the 15th! that's right! the ides of march! and just like ceaser, i dismissed the severity that day can hold.

the parade was absolutely wonderful. the weather was beautiful, the streets were packed, children playing, birds chirping! you get the idea. anyway, i rode with some very good friends, had a blast, and even ended up at the shamrock, the perfect bar to be during an irish festival! that night, however, just after the stroke of midnight, it hit me...the flu. now i can't remember the last time i had the flu, but it was making up for lost time. although it wasn't as bad as being stabbed by a bunch of roman senators, these little flu bugs did their best to leave me in the same shape. sparing you any more details, please enjoy some pictures taken before the attack.


Anonymous said...

a whole passel of bikes outside of a bar on a beautiful day (or what looks like one at least) -- that is what I like to see!

Luke said...

Interesting side note: Of all the blogs I keep up on, you're the 4th person in 2 days to post about getting the flu. Crazy flu.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear such a great day ended the way it did. Hope your feeling better.