Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eternal sunshine of the [music] mind

march ended up being a stellar month for music, with two of my favorite artists releasing new albums and a surprise concert from another.

earlier this month neko case released "middle cyclone". a wonderful album that found it's way through my headphones for the better part of this month. then, the other week, laura gibson, played a ridiculously small venue here in town to a crowd of about 30 people. in my opinion, the place should have been packed for this performance, but i have to admit, it ended up being a very intimate setting and the perfect size crowd to hear this very quiet and gentle folk singer, and of course i "geeked-out" and got her autograph. then last week, the decemberists, released a new album, "the hazards of love". an album that has been played almost non stop, from beginning to end the past week for two reasons. not only am i entranced with the new songs, but i'm also trying to understand exactly what the entire plot of this "folk/rock-opera" is.

now, music is an art, and like all art, it's subjective. not only do i enjoy all these artist and find them terribly talented and creative, but all of these artist in particular have songs that evoke strong memories for me, and that got me thinking just how strong memories and music seem to waltz hand in hand together. i find it amazing how one song can become a audible time-machine and take you back to a particular time in your life.

in that light, here are a few songs and the memories they conjure up...in autobiographical order of course.

the bangles - walk like an egyptian = first dance i ever remember attending
don mclean - american pie = driving to the hardware store with my dad
all-4-0ne - i swear = every and all middle school dance i attended
blues traveler - hook = sitting in geometry class
bush - glycerine = working on my first car
the wallflowers - one headlight = printing photos in the darkroom
billy joel - for the longest time = sophomore year of college
pearl jam - jeremy = 2nd year studio
michael jackson - don't stop till you get enough = pretty much every weekend in 3rd year arch.
the temptations - ain't too proud to beg = sitting in the "rock-star" booth at rock-a-bellies
gorillaz - feel good inc. = 4th year internship in san diego
the police - message in a bottle = driving with schump down to new orleans, with no a/c

who knows what memories lie ahead for these albums, or what feelings and emotions they'll stir up years from now. for the time being, please enjoy pictures taken at the laura gibson concert.

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Tim said...

Man I would have loved to have been at that Laura Gibson concert. Lucky!