Saturday, March 28, 2009

nothing [cold] can stay

well it looks like we made it past [snowmegeddon]. wichita didn't get hit nearly as bad as predicted, but it still managed to bring the city to a stand still friday night and saturday morning. after most of the final-friday events were scrapped, and wanting to stay off the roads for multiple reasons, i decided to brave the blizzard-like conditions and head to a great little coffee shop just a block away. the night was spent enjoying some coffee, some music, and some conversation. waking up this morning, and looking out my window i saw a virtual white out. no worries, i'd just hang out inside with my [weekend] friends. about the time the last laundry load was finishing up, and i had vacuumed the whole apartment, i decided to try and venture outside. i found the sun out, doing it's best to melt away any evidence of the storm. walking around the block, spring could be heard again, replacing the sound of sleet against windows and bone chilling wind, with the sound of trickling water and ice falling and shattering on the sidewalks.

hopefully everyone was able to stay safe and warm during this storm, and this ends up just being another reminder of our freakish weather. i'm sure we'll soon return to our regularly scheduled season.

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