Wednesday, April 08, 2009

into the wild [recession]

only my life could be this be laid off on april fools day.

it wasn't a complete shock. for months now, there had been a noticeable lack of projects coming through the door. it wasn't until recently, however, a feeling was floating around the office that change was going to happen soon.

last wednesday, april 1st, i was called into the conference room, to meet with my boss. he informed me that the firm was going to be cut in half. for various reasons, i ended up being on the layoff side of the half.

(i'll be honest, for a split second i thought this was just one epic april fools joke, but knew that it was true.)

the next few hours were spent cleaning up my desk, and collecting any work that might aid in the pursuit of a new job. to be honest, in this economic climate, i'm scared about finding another job. talking with my friends in the architectural community, i'm well aware the situation is bad everywhere. i have no idea what the future holds...

...and maybe it's that, the fact that i don't know what the future holds, that in a weird way intrigues me. for every part of me that's scared, there's a part of me that's excited, excited for the possibilities! i have no idea where i could be in 3 months. it might be because i'm in the middle of reading "on the road" but i have a sort of kerouac-ying feeling about the whole thing. the kind of feeling of not knowing where you many end up or who you might meet next. i could end up on a beach in hawaii, or in the corner room of my parents basement......preferably hawaii, but who knows. all i do know is in this life, there are people who have experienced far worse, and have survived. i have nothing to be worried about.

this is just one more lesson/class/test in the intern[life]

i just hope i pass!


Luke said...

Ouch...On April Fools Day? For real? Talk about bad timing. You'll be in my prayers. Hold fast to the promise in Romans 8:28-29.

Keep us updated on the search. Ever considered Peoria/Bloomington area? :-)

timseley said...

Suck man. Good luck on the new direction!

jean c. said...

yeah -- one would think your bosses would have thought a second about announcing layoffs on april fool's day... or maybe they are just far enough removed from a playful mentality that it didn't even occur to them.

I can't say that Providence offers a lot of burgeoning job possibilities... but other than that it is a great place. if you want to come visit the east coast -- in your newly-gained freedom -- definitely get in touch!

sloring said...

Kerouac, a bottle of whiskey and a speeding car, you should be in NYC crashing on our floor with Aaron!!! You know it's true!!!

Heather said...

Eric, my husband greg got laid off in November, he has since found something to get by. I wish you all the luck and if you ever need someone don't hesitate to look me up. Miss you. Don't forget you are OUTSTANDING.