Sunday, April 26, 2009


well...sort of.
i was only sitting around for a week before a job offer found it's way into my inbox.  my wonderful friends at framework design are terribly close to finishing their first project in kansas city, and upon hearing that i was without a job, asked if i'd like to help them with the final stages of construction.  with free room and board as part of the offer, as well as a chance to get away from the normal office setting of architecture, i agreed.

after one week of working construction, i can honestly tell you that i've never been more tired, or slept so well.  i'm now on the same sleep schedule i was on when i was eight.  right about when the sun goes down, i've already got my teeth brushed and  ready for bed.  my sun burnt face and arms also prove that i've been outside more the past week, then i have in the past three years of office work.  the location of the house is in a very eclectic neighborhood, where the people are just as varied as the styles of houses that line the sidewalks.  a type of place where everyone is respected and encouraged to do their own thing, which, in a weird sort of ,ironic way, seems to bring everyone together and really form a sense of community.

this will only be a short employment, as framework design plans to have the house completed by mid may.  after that who knows.  i do believe though, that the lessons i'm learning here, both professionally and personally, will be beneficial in the future......whatever it may be.


Jeff Short said...

So you're in KC for a while?? You should come to dinner with Erica and me one of these nights.

That house looks awesome... where is that? Westside?

Anonymous said...

i think we've driven by that house!!

i was going to comment that we'll take you to dinner while you're in town... looks like jeff beat me to it. :) so, let us know when you have some free time and we'll go somewhere fun and kansas-city-esque. :)