Wednesday, April 29, 2009


since starting my new, temporary, construction job, i really haven't ventured far off the site. for one, after working with actual physical materials, instead of poly lines on a screen, i find myself so tired that a good nights sleep looks far better then any activity that might require any addition energy. it's also been so rainy here, i haven't felt much like taking a wet urban hike to explore the deep downtown caverns of this place called kansas city.

however tonight was different, maybe it was the fact the rain let up just a bit, and i had just a bit of daylight left, but i had the urge to take my bike and camera out to see what i could find. i didn't get very far, as just a few blocks away is an amazing view of the city. you know, the kind of view where you can just sit and ponder life and all it's endless questions...which i did.

although i only made it a few blocks, and i didn't manage to answer any of life's questions, it was still therapeutic. there was something about getting the bike and camera out again, that made this temporary transition period, feel a little more like home.


jean c. said...

there is nothing like biking around in the springtime, enjoying the beauty of a supposedly mundane place... I've been doing a lot of that myself... glad you're enjoying it too!

and yes -- making actual things, not just lines on a screen, is a whole different flavor of excellence...

timseley said...

Ahhh the urban hike. Its been awhile :). I'm in KC now. If you're ever feeling like it we should grab some lunch or something.