Monday, March 22, 2010


this past weekend we received a not-so-subtle reminder that kansas doens't care what the calender says, it was still winter. having already told myself saturday morning was going to be spent photographing a park i've always passed by, but never enjoyed, i figured the snow would just have to be dealt with. walking around, however, i found it to make an excellent addition to the days subjects. enhancing the color of a group of benches, showing off the minimalism of the parks mid-century structures, and adding to the feeling of a pool closed for the season. walking around, the snow also reminded me i had not dressed nearly warm enough, as the walk only lasted an hour before needing to warm up with some coffee.

was it a coincidence that i also found my first gray hair last weekend? probably not...just another not-so-subtle reminder of passing time. i didn't however pluck it, like the snow, i considered it an enhancement. the first small step into my (hopefully) george clooney-esque looking middle age.

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