Thursday, March 04, 2010

it's all about your [line]

in dance, it's all about your line, once you loose your line, you never get it back. least that's what cate blanchett's character says in "the curious case of benjamin button". luckily for me that's not really the case in sketching.

last friday i headed to the fisch haus, where the exhibit was their annual "living statues" show. dancers from ballet wichita, were set up on a stage in the gallery and struck 3-5 minute poses, allowing anyone in the audience a chance to sketch, draw, paint and photograph them.

now, i'll be the last one to tout my sketching ability, one look at my friends' sketch books, lets me know exactly where i stand, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it, and always trying to find ways to improve. the opportunity to switch from the static objects my profession is based on, to the dynamacy of the human form, was a great change of pace.


Jaime said...

Nice images (drawn and photographed). What a neat event.

Nicole said...

Love it!

Wes said...

If your embarrassed by your sketches, you should see my attempts to draw people!