Monday, August 08, 2011

[signs] of summer

the other week found me taking a road trip to visit some friends at the lake of the ozarks. with the summer of 2011 producing a sweltering number of 100+ days, it didn't take much convincing for me to drive the 5 hours east. as enjoyable as a few days wading around in lake water is, the best part of the weekend was the company. time was spent catching up, and reminiscing with old friends, getting to know a few better, and making new ones. all of them wonderful people.

i had driven this road to the lake three years ago and had fallen in love with the little rural towns dotting its path. wanting to extend my weekend a bit longer, i took my time driving back home. stopping in any little town that looked interesting, i wondered the streets searching for old signs to photograph. just like my friends, some of the signs were familiar, a few i got to know better, and a few were completely new. all of them were wonderful

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