Sunday, October 02, 2011

[races] and [chili] and [fire] oh my!

i'm positive dorothy took her little trip to oz in the spring. first of all there was a tornado, an occurrence normally found during that time, and secondly there's just too much going on around the state in autumn to take a trip like that.

kansas comes alive in the fall.

several major events seem to happen in september and october, and for good reason. we all know the weather in kansas can be unpredictable. winters in kansas, not only bring bone chilling cold, but can start as early october, and last through the better part of march. springtime can bring pleasant temperatures, but it also brings the chance of thunderstorms at a moments notice. also wait too long in spring and you'll find yourself with 100 degree temperatures. these scorchers can last all summer long, up to and including the first part of september. however this is when you reach wichita's weather "sweet spot", the last half of september and the first part of october. the temperatures are in the 70's and 80's and there's usually very little chance of thunderstorms. for this reason you'll find a number of events to participate in. not only is there the state fair, but most every small town around celebrates with some sort of "fall festival". there are car shows, art shows, oktoberfests, and football games to enjoy. wichita itself has several events scheduled in this "sweet spot", the komen race for the cure, and the downtown chili cook-off, perfectly scheduled on the same day. this year, wichita's old-town district, also celebrated it's 20th birthday the same weekend.

it could be the fact every one's excited to be outside without worrying about dehydration, or maybe it's the fact they are aware winter is coming, but everyone seems to be enjoying the great outdoors. for the past few years wichita has provided it's inhabitants with a wonderful weekend full of activities to enjoy with friends and family, and this year was no different.

there really is no place like home.

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