Sunday, August 05, 2012

my [sunday] with marilyn

i love all things associated with the 50's and 60's and you can't really enjoy that time in history and without forming a natural affinity for the very iconic ms. monroe.  coupled with the fact she stars in one of my all time favorite movies "some like it hot", i think you can officially call me a fan.  i wouldn't however call myself obsessed with her.  i couldn't tell you when or where she was born, i only know a few details of her life, i'm far from seeing all of her movies, and i couldn't tell you when she died, until today.

the wichita orpheum theatre has been showing marilyn monroe movies every sunday all summer long, an event i had yet to attend. however with today's movie being "some like it hot" i was bound and determined to see it on the big screen.  not only did it seem very authentic to watch tony, jack, and marilyn on screen in an old theatre, but i still laughed as hard as i did when i first watched it. after the showing, as i was walking out, i heard someone mention the fact today was the 50th anniversary of her marilyn's death.  walking home after the film, pondering this new bit of hollywood history, i passed by a thrift store window.  looking at the furniture and other items placed on display, my eyes moved across the window and that's when i saw her.  standing in her famous pose made famous from "the seven year itch" was marilyn.  if you haven't seen the movie, "the seven year itch" takes place during a very hot new york summer and the draft from a subway grate not only blows up the dress, but provides small cooling relief from the heat.  a draft i could have desperately used as i stood sweating on the sidewalk. [even though the image of me holding down my baggy khaki shorts is much less sexy and far less iconic.]

recognizing the serendipity of walking by that particular window, on this particular summer day, after coming from one her best movies, i decided to take a picture and blog about it.  my little way of thanking her for spending a delightful summer sunday with her.

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