Sunday, November 18, 2012

photography and [thanks]

during the last post i eluded to some [changes] in my life.  well, one of those changes was the fact i was laid off last month.  having gone through this before, i knew what to expect, but it was still a stressful time.  a lot of uncertainty fills your life when you're not sure when or where you might find a job next.

while unemployed, i had a couple of friends ask me if i'd like to take some family photos of them to use during the holidays.  since i wasn't sure when my next paycheck would come in i eagerly accepted.  it seemed like a good deal; they could get some family pictures, and i could make a few bucks.

as luck would have it, i was offered a job just a couple weeks after being let go.  this of course meant i couldn't take the photos during the week but would have to squeeze the appointments i had made into the weekend.  thankfully my friends were flexible and i was able to photograph both families this past weekend  i was very appreciative my friends were eager to help me out while i was jobless, and even more appreciative they know i'm not a professional.  when it comes to photography, i consider myself to be slightly better than a monkey with a camera, with my only advantage over the monkey being i know to take the lens cap off.  i have several friends who i find so incredibly good at this craft and take wonderful pictures; i learned again this weekend what a talent it is to capture great moments.

so with it being so close to thanksgiving, i wanted to give some thanks out on this blog.

[thank you] to my new firm.
[thank you] to my friends with families for letting me pretend to be a photographer for a weekend.
[thank you] to darrin hackney, anya elise photography, jamie green, jaclyn turner and anecdotally yours for your photographic inspiration.
[thank you] to my friends and family for always being supportive and wonderful.

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