Wednesday, August 31, 2022

[holy] modernism

 whenever i travel, like most architecture nerds, i check and see if there's any cool building around to look at.  finding myself in connecticut this summer i scoured blogs and articles looking for structures to visit.  now the glass house always pops up, but i've been there, done that, got the shirt.  i was looking for something new.  thankfully i found an article of sort of a forgotten modernist church by victor a. lundy. it was the first unitarian church in westport.  an architect and building i had not heard of.

before heading there, i called the church. it's not really a "touring" site but they said i could stroll the grounds and check it out.  walking around the incredible site i was taken aback.  it was a very interesting and inspiring structure. very flw apprentices looking, melding nature and organic forms with modernism.  i was so struck by it, i actually called the office and asked if i could come back on sunday to view the inside, to which they said yes.

i'm so glad this building popped up on my google search. like all well-designed spaces it was incredibly inspiring and added to the overall vacation.  if ever in westport connecticut, please stop by.

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