Thursday, September 15, 2022

[negative] memories

scrolling through facebook one night, i saw an old high school classmate post one of the photos i took in high school, saying "i found this old gem in my parents' basement1" it was of the softball team practicing one of their pre-game traditions of embracing in a large circle and crossing their legs.  it was actually one of my favorite shots during my years on the yearbook staff.  i dug through my high school bn and actually found the original negative.  Downloading an app, i was able to scan it onto my phone and sent it to my classmate.

i love photography. but honestly who doesn't. this day in age everyone is a photographer..  back in the day though, photos were just a little more rare. they weren't digital, they couldn't be "shared" endlessly. they had to be printed and held and cherished.  the fact my old classmate held on to this photo meant a lot. ironically, my first instinct was to digitize it, so it could be shared...

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